Libertango played by Orquesta Argentina de charangos

But first, what’s a charango?

The charango is a small ten string lute that originated in South America. The back of the instrument is traditionally fashioned from an armadillo. When the Spanish conquistadors came to South America, they brought the vihuela (an ancestor of the guitar) with them. The native people liked the vihuela, but lacked the technology to shape the wood in that manner. However, there was a convenient resource available to them: armadillo shells. Thus the charango was born.

Today, many of the best charangos have wooden backs instead of employing the armadillo shell.

The instrument is widespread throughout the Andean regions of Bolivia, Peru, Ecuador, northern Chile and northwestern Argentina.

Now the video of Libertango played by the Orquesta Argentina de Charangos. Enjoy!!!

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