Fulvio Salamanca

He played the piano in the D’Arienzo orchestra for 17 years. This was fundamental for Salamanca, because of the diffusion that his participation in such a popular and successful orchestra gave him, as well as the experience acquired alongside the director. In the first months of 1957 he left D’Arienzo and, helped by Eduardo Cortti, formed his own orchestra.

Full biography

Tribute to Juan D’Arienzo

Tanda para bailar, to dance

Adiós corazón
Todo es amor

Armando Guerrico auditioned by singing “El Tigre Millán” and Fulvio realized that that tango did not match his style, so the audition continued with other numbers and he was hired. From that moment on, because of the leader’s suggestion, the singer was known as Armando Guerrico, a name he would keep forever.

He became the signature singer of the orchestra and the one who recorded most. He cut 20 successful recordings. His first numbers were “Mano cruel” and “Adiós corazón” in 1957.

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