Orquesta Enrique Rodriguez with the singer Armando Moreno

Criticized by innovators and praised by the dancers, his orchestra enjoyed a great popularity in the forties and fifties, in Argentina and the rest of Latin America.

In 1936 he put together his own orchestra that he called: «La orquesta de todos los ritmos». Polkas, waltzes, tangos, foxtrots, pasodobles and rancheras are played for an audience that danced and sang the tunes with enthusiasm and joy. More about him.

“Cuando tú no estás”

LYRICS by: Alfredo Le Pera and Mario Battistella
MUSIC by: Carlos Gardel and Marcel Lattes

And now the Tanda para bailar, enjoy!

Danza maligna, singer Armando Moreno
La gayola, singer Armando Moreno
Llorar por una mujer, singer Armando Moreno

Do you want to listen more? here’s an Enrique Rodriguez mix playlist.

This post is made to help to the diffusion of Tango.

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