Nilda Elvira Vattuone (10 September 1911 – 20 December 2013), better known by her stage name Nelly Omar, was an Argentine actress and singer during the Golden Age of Argentine Cinema. She was successful as a tango singer, performing on numerous radio shows and performed canción criolla. Her film career began in 1940. She was blacklisted after the ouster of Juan Perón for having sung his anthem, Soy La Descamisada and did not work again until the 1970s. From her comeback in 1972, she remained an active performer until her death. Read more.

Nelly Omar celebrated the centenary of her life at Luna Park with sold-out seats. The artist offered to 6 thousand people the show “100 years of life and song”, accompanied by the guitars of Carlos Juárez.

Nelly Omar passed away on the morning of December 20, 2013 at the age of 102 at the CEMIC University Hospital in the city of Buenos Aires due to cardiorespiratory arrest while sleeping.

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