Orquesta Anibal Troilo with the singer Francisco Fiorentino.

Francisco Fiorentino was born in the San Telmo neighborhood, Buenos Aires on September 23, 1905. He died on September 11 of 1955 in the province of Mendoza.
When he joined Aníbal “Pichuco” Troilo’s orchestra, no one imagined what he would become. Fiorentino’s years with the “Gordo” brought the singer to a well-deserved spotlight, since – together with Troilo – he notably surpassed his previous performances: he was the characteristic voice of the orchestra. From those first interventions as a chorus player, he began to sing, although not all the lyrics, much of it. Tango voice, well porteño phrasing and great emotion, characteristics that Fiorentino exhibited in those years when he achieved his definitive successes.
His artistic life with Troilo lasted six years, he made his debut on July 1, 1937 at the Marabú cabaret, until March 1944. More about him.

People dancing Toda mi vida from Anibal Troilo with Fiorentino at a milonga in BA

And now the Tanda para bailar, enjoy!

Toda mi vida
Yo soy el Tango

Do you want to listen more?

This post is made to help to the diffusion of Tango.


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