Today we remember, Alberto Podestá.

Alejandro Washington Alé Podestá was born on September 22, 1924 in San Juan.

He started singing at school and simultaneously on a radio show directed by one of his teachers. It was a children’s recreation, it was called “Rayito de sol”. Each student contributed some fashionable song and little Alejandro, who had already admired Carlos Gardel, learned quickly Zorzal’s lyrics and poured them into those auditions. For that reason they began to call him Gardelito.

This video is an interview with English subtitles made by Pepa Palazon, Tengo una pregunta para vos series.

“I owe a lot to tango, I owe my children, my family, my well-being. I never excelled, but there was never a lack of work, the love of you, the Argentine public. You have never made me feel less. Tango gave me life, it is adoration what I feel for my music, my country and for the people from my country”

Alberto Podesta

Bohemian’s soul (1928)
LYRICS by: Miguel Bucino
MUSIC by: Roberto Firpo
TRANSLATION by: Alberto Paz


Peregrino y soñador,
quiero mi fantasía
y la loca poesía
que hay en mi corazón!
Lleno de amor y de alegría,
volcaré mi pasion.

Siempre sentí
la dulce ilusión
de estar viviendo
mi pasión.

Si es que no vivo lo que sueño
Yo sueño todo lo que canto,
por eso mi encanto
es el amor.
Mi pobre alma de bohemio
quiero acariciar
y como una flor

Y en mis noches de dolor
a hablar
me voy con las estrellas,
y las cosas más bellas
despierto he de soñar.
Porque les confío a ellas
toda mi sed de amar.

Siempre sentí
la dulce ilusión
de estar viviendo
mi pasión.

Yo busco en los ojos celestes
y en renegridas cabelleras
pasiones sinceras,
dulce emoción.
Y en mi eterna vida errante
llena de ilusión,
yo quiero dar todo
mi corazón.


Traveler and dreamer,
to sing,
I want (to sing) my fantasy
and the mad poetry
that there is in my heart!
Filled with love and joy,
I’ll empty out my passion.

I always felt
the sweet illusion
to be living
my passion.

If I don’t live what I dream
I dream all that I sing,
that’s why my charm
is love.
My poor bohemian soul
I want to caress
and like a flower
permeate with perfume.

And in my nights of pain
to speak
I go (to speak) with the stars,
and the most beautiful things
awake, I’m going to dream
Because I trust in them
all my thirst for love.

I always felt
the sweet illusion
to be living
my passion.

I look for in the light blue eyes
and in black long hairs;
sincere passions,
sweet emotion.
And in my eternal wandering life
filled with illusion,
I want to give all
my heart.

2014 Alberto Podestá, Sans Souci orquestra- Nada

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