Miguel Caló and the singer Raúl Iriarte.

He was born on 28 October 1907 in Balvanera, Buenos Aires. Miguel Caló was a musician formally trained, he studied violin and bandoneon.
Even though his most transcendental success is in the forties, his work starts in the late twenties and is consolidated during the thirties.
Caló formed his first orchestra in 1929, which he then dissolved in order to join the orchestra of the pianist and poet, Cátulo Castillo, with whom he toured in Spain. Read more.

A warm tribute to our Marion, performed by Noelia Hurtado and Carlitos Espinoza.

And now the Tanda para bailar.

De seis a siete
Cuando tallan los recuerdos

Do you want to listen more?

This post is made to help to the diffusion of Tango, the information source used is Todo Tango.


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