Alfredo De Angelis

Alfredo De Angelis belongs to the group of orchestras that focused their interest on dancing. This, however, does not mean they lacked artistic value, on the contrary, they were precise in execution, with good arrangements and were lined-up with great musicians and vocalists. Read full article.

In the forties Alfredo De Angelis was the promoter of the vocal duets. Revising his discography the team Dante-Martel stands out in first place with their pearls “Pregonera”, “Remolino” and “Pastora”, among others. The Dante-Larroca duo comes after, and later Juan Carlos Godoy with Lalo Martel and Roberto Mancini.

Alfredo De Angelis instrumental tangos, Tanda para bailar.

Mi dolor
Tango club

Yapa! duet Carlos Dante & Julio Martel


This post is made to help to the diffusion of Tango, the information source used is Todo Tango.

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