Dia Nacional del Tango

Every December 11, the “National Day of Tango” is celebrated, commemorating the birth of two great figures of the genre: Carlos Gardel, in 1890; and Julio De Caro, in 1899.

It all started in 1965, when the famous artistic composer Ben Molar, took the initiative to launch a proposal to honor two great people of Argentine music of that time, Carlos Gardel and Julio de Caro, who coincidentally celebrated their birthday on December 11.

This proposal was presented to the Ministry of Culture, but only after twelve years, become a reality. Today, the whole world pays tribute to these two music icons, who left a great legacy, making tango an artistic and musical movement, which generates the passions of those who are true lovers of this genre.

Tango is officially a World Heritage. Since 2009 it has been inscribed on the list thanks to UNESCO, as it represents a process of cultural sedimentation, as well as social transformation over time.

Las luces de Buenos Aires film


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