28 February: Dancer’s day in Argentina

In Argentina, the dancer’s day is celebrated on February 28, in honor of the date of birth of the Argentine dancer Jorge Donn.

He studied ballet with María Fux at the Escuela del Teatro Colón and at the age of 15 he made his debut in the Maurice Béjart company in Brussels. Many of Béjart’s works were created especially for him.

Since 1976, Donn was artistic director of the Ballet del Siglo XX. In 1979, he was awarded the Dance Magazine Award. In 1988, he formed his own company L’Europa Ballet which existed for a short time and, in 1989, he was nominated by the Konex foundation as one of the best dancers. He danced with Maya Plisetkaya and participated in the film “Los unos y los otros” by Claude Lelouch.
He passed away on November 30, 1992, in Lausanne, Switzerland.

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