Ástor Piazzolla

Ástor Piazzolla, fragment of the concert that took place at the Teatro Colón in Buenos Aires, June 11th 1983, interpreting “Adiós Nonino”, accompanied by the Philharmonic Orchestra of Buenos Aires, conducted by Pedro Ignacio Calderón.

In 1935 was filmed in New York “El día que me quieras“, starring Carlos Gardel. It is precisely from this film that this scene comes from, where you can see Carlos Gardel and the boy Ástor Piazzolla together (the kid selling newspapers), accompanied by the actors Tito Lusiardo, Manuel Peluffo and Alberto Infanta. The film’s scene lasts for a few moments, but it gave rise to an image that passed down to posterity as a unique and symbolic record of the union of two giants of our music.

Astor Piazzolla Interview about his Bandoneon & Zero Hour – a live recording at the BBC Bristol Studios in June 1989

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