I was born in Rosario, Argentina. Since I was little I attended painting, music and dance classes. Then I joined an acting class in a local drama school and by the time I graduated I already knew that wanted to study drama and film making.

Life had taken me through different art pathways until tango came across. I
immediately felt captivated by the dance and social activity, ‘la milonga’. I also learnt to love the music little by little, and then tango became my most important consideration.

Traveling is another of my greatest passions. Because of tango I made my first extensive trip to Europe in 2001. But in 2009, while looking for new experiences and adventures, arrived in New Zealand. After a month living near Rotorua I moved to Auckland and started teaching tango classes at ‘Pasion por Tango’ studio.

An opportunity to further develop my passion for travel came up by the end of 2017. After an intensive training I started working as a tour driver-guide, taking Spanish speaking travellers to discover and experience this beautiful country.

In 2020, things have started differently. And while navigating these challenging and changing times, I rediscovered yoga practice. I had initially had a few unsuccessful introductions but now it has become part of my enjoyable daily routine.

my tango journey

I had initiated my tango journey by early 2001. A few months later I was totally hooked on this dance. From that point I carried on refining my technique and all aspects related to tango dance.

My teaching style is characterized by giving the basics of the traditional Argentine tango, with a fresh approach and technical elements. All this, help students to understand how to play their bodies while dancing. I always emphasize on the specific connection, embrace, musicality, ‘caminata’ (walking) of each dancer so they associate all that while dancing.

Throughout my career I have participated in different “encuentros” (meetings), festivals and competitions, obtaining the 1st place in Tango Salon at the III World Tango Championship in Rosario in 2005, then representing my hometown in Buenos Aires Festival, resulting finalist.

After many years dancing and some ups and downs, I understood what I love about this dance is the way it makes me express my emotions through the embrace. The importance of feeling and enjoying the music.

The most inspiring teachers I have studied with are Moira Castellano, Mario Bournissen, Diego Perez, Sebastián de la Vallina, Beatriz Mendoza, Julio Balmaceda, and Corina De la Rosa, Rosa and Carlos Pérez, Mariela Sametband, Horacio Godoy, Ariadna Naveira, among others in Buenos Aires and Rosario.

Since I settled down in Auckland, I have been teaching regular classes, special workshops and organizing seminars for different foreign instructors. I also travel often to Argentina so I can keep up developing my own tango style and technique.

I am a lifelong student, and a strong believer in how important is to maintain self-development when coaching and teaching other dancers.

why I love Pilates

In 2005 I discovered Pilates while I was looking for a technique to help improve my core strength, body awareness and conditioning for my Tango dance practice.

I became into a great Pilates advocate after experiencing the benefits first-hand. I am a firm believer in this exercise as a means of “doing everyday life well.”

Pilates is a unique physical discipline that does not just tone your muscles, but it changes the way you use your body. It helps improving your strength, coordination, circulation, flexibility, and posture.

Pilates re-trains your body, so in your day-to-day you have less risk of injuries and more efficient patterns of motion. After some time of practice you will notice a difference in your posture while you are walking, sitting or standing. With this new body awareness, you can alleviate aches and pains in the future. Pilates principles focus on perfect repetitions in each exercise. Pilates is all about quality over quantity, a good thing to remember for almost every aspect of life.

In 2011, and before moving to New Zealand, I completed my first Classical Pilates Matwork course at ‘Movimiento Pilates’ in Argentina. Later on, I obtained my certification in Reformer & Mat Pilates at Stability Plus Pilates (Auckland, NZ).

I have been working as a Refomer & Mat Pilates instructor since 2013.