Tango Group Classes

During class we change partners frequently, as it greatly speeds up the learning process and prevents you from adopting bad habits. Changing partners also allows you to get to know others in the class, after all, is a social dance!

Social tango is based on walking, so if you can walk, you can dance tango.

Class levels


You will learn the fundamentals of the Argentine Tango. This class is geared toward beginning dancers but it is open to everyone who would like to continue to improve the basic elements of this dance.

You will understand and improve balance exercises, coordination, body posture and tango walking, lead and follow communication, navigation on the dance floor, musicality and embrace open and close.


So… you have been dancing for a reasonable amount of time by now. Would you like to move to the next level by becoming a better and more confident dancer? Then, join me in this class.
While learning different patterns, the connection, navigation, and musicality will be always emphasized.


I run special purposes workshops and occasionally have guest teachers from Argentina.

The secret of Tango is in this moment of improvisation that happens between step and step. It is to make the impossible thing possible; to dance silence.

Carlos Gavito